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Brovary, Kievskaya st., 265

tel. 067 328 43 38



Brovary, str. Kiev, 168

tel. 095-275-44-55

Doors Brovary

Buy a door in Brovary from the Ukrainian manufacturer "Papa Carlo" has become much easier, because now there are our official resellers who sell the products of the factory. In addition, you have the opportunity to order high-quality door leafs online, all you need is to leave an application for a purchase and our managers will contact you promptly to clarify the technical characteristics of the interior doors (Brovary) and the organizational moments regarding delivery and self-delivery.

  • Cosmopolitan Number of models: 61
    Doors Cosmopolitan

    Warranty 5 years

  • Millenium Number of models: 69
    Doors Millenium

    Warranty 5 years

  • Plato Number of models: 28
    Doors Plato

    Warranty 5 years

  • Elegance Number of models: 12
    Doors Elegance

    Warranty 5 years

  • Quality

    Due to system of quality management ISO 9001 all our production is reliable and durable.

    Ecological compatibility

    Environmental management system ISO 14001 allows to guarantee total safety of the factory products.

  • Modern Number of models: 13
    Doors Modern

    Warranty 5 years

  • Classic Number of models: 36
    Doors Classic

    Warranty 5 years

  • Optima Number of models: 5
    Doors Optima

    Warranty 5 years

  • Art Deco Number of models: 9
    Doors Art Deco

    Warranty 5 years

  • iDOORS Number of models: 18
    Doors  iDOORS

    Warranty 5 years