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Company store "Папа Карло"

city Chernivtsi st.  Kaspruka , 18
тел. : ( 067) 220 25 40

"Викна - плюс"

Chernovtsy, Fastovskaya 30A

 096 113 07 11
095 218 33 48

Leo Keramika

Hotinskaya,49"z" TC "EuroBud XXI"
tel. (0372) 904-794

Двери Черновцы
Двери Черновцы

Doors in Chernivtsi

Interior doors in Chernivtsi become more and more popular every year, and therefore the proposal should be appropriate. The Ukrainian factory "Papa Carlo" offers you a large assortment of goods at an affordable price, which is surely pleasant to surprise you. You can buy the model you are interested in in the regional representative store, and to find out the exact value in your region, fill in a small feedback form and our managers will contact you.

  • Cosmopolitan Number of models: 61
    Doors Cosmopolitan

    Warranty 5 years

  • Millenium Number of models: 61
    Doors Millenium

    Warranty 5 years

  • Plato Number of models: 42
    Doors Plato

    Warranty 5 years

  • Elegance Number of models: 12
    Doors Elegance

    Warranty 5 years

  • Quality

    Due to system of quality management ISO 9001 all our production is reliable and durable.

    Ecological compatibility

    The factory strongly committed to European environmental standards, imposing many environmental requirements on the raw material.

  • Modern Number of models: 13
    Doors Modern

    Warranty 5 years

  • Classic Number of models: 36
    Doors Classic

    Warranty 5 years

  • Optima Number of models: 5
    Doors Optima

    Warranty 5 years

  • Art Deco Number of models: 9
    Doors Art Deco

    Warranty 5 years

  • iDOORS Number of models: 18
    Doors  iDOORS

    Warranty 5 years

  • STYLE Number of models: 15
    Doors STYLE

    Warranty 5 years

  • TREND Number of models: 21
    Doors TREND

    Warranty 5 years

Internet catalog of doors in Chernivtsi 

The catalog of the Papa Carlo factory offers you a wide range of door leaves that will fit any interior and for any room, as you have the opportunity to choose the material from which the wooden doors (Chernivtsi) and their colors are made. All products are made exclusively of natural material, which are safe for human health. We use only environmentally safe technologies and materials, as evidenced by the environmental certificate of the product ISO 14001. The quality of the products is also certified by ISO 9001. The quality of the doors "Papa Carlo" means our ability to permanently meet the expectations and needs of the consumer and be flexible to changes in these needs. 

The price for the door in Chernivtsi is formed by the following indicators

  •   - The coating material used in fabrication can be different in price, but always ecologically safe. The highest price for coating the product with natural veneer. Veneered doors in any veneer chosen by you, will always look expensive and absolutely natural. This is a reliable type of coating, due to its strength. Veneers can be restored, in cases of violation of its integrity.
  •   - The budget option is also possible in the doors of the Papa Carlo factory. The price for canvases covered with high-quality German eco-paint, or the finish with Touchline tapes (Belgium), will be much cheaper. Ecoshpon is endowed with a number of positive qualities: it ideally imitates the textures of natural wood, does not emit and does not contain toxic substances, it does not crack, does not wear off during operation. The price for such a door will be economical.
  •   - At the heart of all collections of the factory doors, regardless of the price for the canvas, a combined re-glued array is used. Cloths are made of wood, and this technology allows further avoiding deformation of the door leaf. This construction has a wide range of advantages and guarantees the durability of the product. is deprived of many drawbacks of the doors from the array.
  •   - Presence of decorative elements. In some variations, we use glass, aluminum and other inserts, which also affects the cost of the door;
  •   - Dimensions. We give you the opportunity to order doors of both standard and non-standard sizes. The same can be made and the size of a single-leaf and double-leaf door unit. Doors of non-standard size are always a special manufacture for the size you need. The price of non-standard canvases of individual production is higher than the price for a standard canvas.


Where to buy doors in Chernivtsi?

If you want to buy laminated doors (Chernivtsi), veneered doors in Chernivtsi, then you can get acquainted with all the current offers on the site. In the section where to buy, there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the addresses of the shops-salons of the official dealers of the factory in the city of Chernivtsi. You are qualified to advise and help to arrange an individual order. All questions you can ask by phone numbers listed on the site. Hurry to buy the best from the domestic manufacturer!