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Doors Kiev

A wooden door is one of the main elements of the interior of an apartment, house or office space, so you must take responsibility for choosing quality door leaves. To buy interior doors for all tastes from the leading domestic manufacturer of "Papa Carlo" you can contact us by phone on the website. Manufacturing of orders is carried out after their confirmation, and the sale of branded products takes place in partner shops in the city of Kyiv.

  • Cosmopolitan Number of models: 61
    Doors Cosmopolitan

    Warranty 5 years

  • Millenium Number of models: 61
    Doors Millenium

    Warranty 5 years

  • Plato Number of models: 42
    Doors Plato

    Warranty 5 years

  • Elegance Number of models: 12
    Doors Elegance

    Warranty 5 years

  • Quality

    Due to system of quality management ISO 9001 all our production is reliable and durable.

    Ecological compatibility

    The factory strongly committed to European environmental standards, imposing many environmental requirements on the raw material.

  • Modern Number of models: 13
    Doors Modern

    Warranty 5 years

  • Classic Number of models: 36
    Doors Classic

    Warranty 5 years

  • Optima Number of models: 5
    Doors Optima

    Warranty 5 years

  • Art Deco Number of models: 9
    Doors Art Deco

    Warranty 5 years

  • iDOORS Number of models: 18
    Doors  iDOORS

    Warranty 5 years

  • STYLE Number of models: 15
    Doors STYLE

    Warranty 5 years

  • TREND Number of models: 21
    Doors TREND

    Warranty 5 years

In addition to the decorative element of the interior, the door partitions play a functional role: they isolate the rooms from sound, preserve the temperature regime of the room, divide it into various zones and protect them from other rooms. Such a large number of functions is provided by using quality material during production and proper assembly. In addition, if you choose sliding doors for office space, then they should be presentable so that when the business partners enter your space they will have a corresponding opinion about you and your business. Therefore, it is important to choose not only practical models, but also elegant interior doors.

Factory Papa Carlo offers interior doors in the city of Kyiv

Doors KyivIf you are territorially located in Kyiv, then it is much easier to buy wooden interior doors from Papa Carlo, as there are a lot of partner stores in the capital that sell our branded products at affordable prices. For more than ten years we have been engaged in the production of door panels, and the main feature of the presented range of products are high-quality sliding doors. Due to the fact that we are engaged in the direct production and sale of the products presented, prices are always available to all buyers. Doors from "Papa Carlo" - it's a profitable investment in your coziness and comfort.

We offer you:

High quality of work

Doors in Kyiv are products from the most popular and well-known Ukrainian manufacturer of door leaves, which fits all world standards, and also have all the necessary certificates confirming the high quality of products and the origin of goods which were used during production. In our online store you can get acquainted with a wide range of presented positions and choose those that matches your wishes and a certain budget.

At the production of the Papa Carlo factory, only advanced technologies are used, which make it possible to automate the process of door leaf production as much as possible and to increase the accuracy of the work. Also, innovative equipment allows to reduce the amount of final waste, thereby allows the produsing of additional decorative elements, components, parts and making the cost of production much lower than the offers of other sellers on the market.

Wide assortment and low prices for doors

To order a door from MDF to Kyiv or another point in Ukraine, you just need to contact the representatives of sales outlets or factory managers and get the appropriate advice on the choice of door leaves for your apartment, house or room, decide which model is the most optimal for you or order a custom made door with the given parameters. We will fulfill the order in the nearest future and you will be able to get the finished products in the way that will be most acceptable for you.

Doors of any dimensions and sizes

Wooden and interior doors to order in Kyiv can vary depending on the dimensions of the product, which are determined by the size of the doorway. That we could make the most suitable interior variations, you need either to make precise measurements yourself, or with the help of our specialists, by which we will carry out the production of the chosen model. Further we will gladly help you with the installation and full service, so that you will enjoy the amazing quality and functionality of the new acquisition.

Unique design solutions

Manufacture and sale of doors is the main activity profile of the "Papa Carlo" factory, that's why we perfectly know the needs and desires of our customers, thanks to which we do our work as high-quality and beautifully as it possible. We pay special attention to the appearance of the products, since the quality of the assembly is as important as the design solution. To create new models we use a variety of materials, which in combination give an amazing result.

Delivery of interior doors to Kyiv

Do you want to buy a door in Kyiv? Then you can call our managers by phone numbers listed in the online store or visit one of the official stores "Papa Carlo". If you are interested in ordering a door leaf on an individual technical assignment, then we will quickly produce and deliver it to you in the shortest possible time.

Manufacturing of doors in Kyiv

Manufacturing of doors in Kyiv is carried out on the newest equipment by employees with many years of experience. You can be sure of getting the best product from the leading factory in Ukraine. Make an order today and get the best deals from "Papa Carlo"!