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Nowadays the factory “Papa Carlo” is the European enterprise with modern high quality equipment and tuned process of manufacturing. Due to automation each operation is realized accurately and unmistakably. This provides irreproachable quality and esthetic attractiveness of each produced ware. Confirmation of this is numerous quality certifications received during existence of the factory whose history begins in 1996.

Even then, the founders of the future factory forever defined for themselves the direction vector of work: manufacturing of high quality products from only the finest materials. Constantly following this principle, the enterprise quickly earned an excellent reputation and acquired serious business partners. Due to this production began to expand soon.

The factory “Papa Carlo” became the first in Ukraine where special high technological equipment appeared and this allowed producing doors by European class and quality. Due to this the enterprise in shortest terms became a leader among Ukrainian doors producers. During several years a powerful dealer net was formed and “Papa Carlo” products appeared in all big cities of Ukraine. 
Nowadays our goods are exhibited in 120 specialized shops in Ukraine and abroad: in Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan.