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Our advantages

10 pros of buying “Papa Carlo” :

1. Brand

“Papa Carlo” factory has been one of the leading veneer doors manufacturers in Ukraine since 1996. The factory production is well known and enjoys well deserved demand. Our doors can be purchased in 150 specialized single stores all around Ukraine as also in the USA, Saudi Arabia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. CARLO Porte is a registered trade mark of “Papa Carlo” door factory.

2. Quality

Our production quality means a pleasure, which the manufacturer gets during the production process, as well as pride, that the consumer feels after buying our doors.

The guaranteed quality is reached due to quality management system ISO 9001:2008, that is actively followed during the production.

3. Guarantees and Service

We give a 5-year warranty and provide manufacturing service during all the working life span.

4. Price

The factory produces doors in various price bracket.

-Economy class doors (“MILLENIUM” collection / eco veneer/)

-Mid-range segment doors (“COSMOPOLITAN” and “PRESTIGE” collections / natural veneer/)

-Mid-range plus segment doors (“ELEGANCE”, “MODERN”, “ELIT”, “CLASSIC”, “VETRO” collections / natural veneer/).

Among our assortment you can always choose products, that will correspond to your budget.

5. Design

Diverse models, representing various design styles, gratify tastes of the most exacting and exigent customers.

Moreover, the models attach individuality to an interior. The factory produces more than 150 door models, including sliding doors, arch doors and transoms as well as decorated wall panels, covered with natural veneer.

6. Decoration

We provide a wide range of textures and colors, various natural and artificial veneer finishings. We use matted and glazed overcoating, various types of glass, which represents infinite possibilities for creative solutions.

7. Materials

We use only high-quality materials, fittings and components from leading European manufacturers.

Our own satin glass production with the use of chemical milling lets us reach deep soft tones and pattern diversity.

8. Technologies

The factory has a cyclical turnaround: from wood sawing to final product packaging.

The doors are produced in accordance with Italian technologies.

German and Italian equipment allows manufacturing products, compliant with working European standards.

9. Ecological compatibility

Environmental safety is guaranteed by using ecologically friendly materials. The materials have undergone sanitary and hygienic expert analysis, their environmental impact is minimized. We use manufacturing waste for heat generation, used to heat our enterprise. All the above is certified according to environmental management ISO 14001:2004 requirements.

10. Individual orders

It is possible to manufacture off-standard size products, as well as individual and original projects.