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Sliding doors

Sliding doors

The range of sizes door leaves Height Width 2100-2430 800-1050

Possible Wall and ceiling mounting options sliding systems. Possible to produce door leaves of non-standard size width not more than 1200 mm.

Standard features include:

  1. Door leaf
  2. Glass "satin" one-sided
  3. Guide with roller
  4. Handle-door (with 2 sides)
  5. Cornice on leaf
  6. Finish polyurethane varnish

Is given for an additional payment

  1. Covering a doorway on the perimeter
  2. Platbands
  3. Glass "satin" 2-sided (possibly use glass "satin" with a picture)
  4. Additional. partitioning (aluminum, wood)
  5. Assembling products

Any model of the door factory produces in the expandable version.

Doors and furniture Factory «Papa Carlo» offers aluminium extensible partitions. Sliding mechanisms (rollers) are supplied with the special spring and bearing for the smoothness of motion, with teflon coverage for noiselessness of motion and longevity (up to 100 000 cycles of closing-opening of a door). It is approximately 27 years of service at 10 openings - closings per day). During the production of partitions thick-walled types made of high-strength aluminium (solid-drawn, anodized type), steady to mechanical exposures and to corrosion, are used.
In the process of grained finishing the technology of covering of aluminium type with solid-drawn pvc tape, steady to mechanical exposures is used.

 Partitions with the lower sending :

Lower sending is supporting, upper – вauxiliary. It provides correct door position and direction of motion. Door stop is foreseen in the lower sending, that allows to fix a door in necessary position.

1.1. «Raumplus»(production of Germany)
Doors can be up to 350,00 cm in height ( at a width of up to 80,00 cm) and up to 120,00 cm at width (at a height up to 260,00 cm), maximal weight of door is 160,00 kg
Possible colors are silver (natural aluminium), dead gold and bronze. 

1.2. «Kraft» (production of Germany – Ukraine)
Doors can be up to 300,00 cm in height at a width of 110,00 cm; maximum weight of door is up to 120,00 kg.
Possible colors are - aluminium covered with the garined tape – 48 colors ( including venge, cherry, nut, bleached oak, etc.). 

Partitions with upper bracket ( without the lower sending):

The upper sending is used as a support . This system is expensive, but more convenient, as it is possible to do without the floor crossing lower sending. A stop is set on the upper sending. In this case the door leaf moves only within its width. 

2.1. «Veskoni» ( production of Poland)
Doors can be up to 270,00 cm in height and up to 120,00 cm at a width.
Possible colors – silver (natural aluminium), dead gold, bronze.

The hidden system of rollers is used in all systems – a door looks the same from front and back sides.
In a complete set with aluminium partition between rooms it is possible to order a portal, doorway planking and cases made from the followings materials:
- MDF veneer sheet , MDF dyed mat metalik.