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MILLENIUM doors selling throughout Ukraine

01.04.2013 | 16:54

Starting with April 1st, 2013 the door factory “Papa Carlo” has started selling MILLENIUM doors from Kharkiv stock throughout Ukraine.

Elegant doors models using eco veneer.

“Eco veneer” is an ecologically neutral artificial material. In the process of its manufacturing wood fibres are glued with specific adhesive, based on polypropylene. Use of polypropylene in medicine, pharmacy and food industry proves its neutrality.

НEco veneer imitates wood texture extremely naturally. It has stunning tridimensional color depth. Consistent pattern of this multilayered covering doesn’t only duplicate, but also imitates real wood features to the last detail. Even by touch this door feels natural. Pull it all together, an amateur can hardly distinguish the difference between eco veneer and natural wood.

The variety of grain textures and material color spectrum makes it real to use eco veneer doors in all kinds of interiors, both classic and modern.

As opposed to doors made of solid wood or natural veneer, eco veneer doesn’t require considerable expenses on polishing and lacquering in the process of manufacturing. That is why the prime cost of eco veneer is lower, which means you can save on the purchase.

Eco veneer is a strong material which lets exploit the door during a long period of time, still its appearance will always remain permanently beautiful. The door will not get covered with attritions or crack, it won’t fade or lose color.

Current offers:

ML-15c (wenge and white ash-tree)

МL-14с (wenge and white ash-tree)

Door unit size:
2030 * 870mm (leaf 2000x810mm)
2030 * 770mm (leaf 2000*710mm)
2030 * 670mm (leaf 2000*610mm)

Dispatch period from Kharkiv stock to any town in Ukraine is within 2-3 days.