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Installation of doors

Of course, the acquisition of doors is an important process, however, it should be understood that the competent door installation is the key to its long period of service and functionality. What do we mean? Keeping the door frame safe, having no problems with opening/closing, correct installation of hinges, crosscutting the trim to the size of the unit, setting according to the level and many other things. You must be especially serious installing sliding and double doors. It's time-consuming work requiring great experience and knowledge of certain nuances.

We know perfectly well how to install doors correctly in Kiev and take total responsibility for our work. Our specialists have a lot of experience in installing absolutely any door panels and can assembly the unit in any accommodation in the shortest time possible!

Customers often intend to install doors by themselves, however, please take note that basic household skills are not always enough for such work. As a result you face such problems as ignoring assembling according to the level in three flat areas, tight locks fitting, reducing the integrity of the door panel, poor timbering and many other quite unpleasant moments. Besides, you also need to know the structural features of each door you install. Contact us and we will provide you really experienced professionals who will install your doors in Kharkov. We will save your time and make your life easier!